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74 rue de la Joliette, 13002 Marseille

The Centre Photographique Marseille (CPM) is dedicated to photography in all of its manifestations : exhibitions, amateur workshops, visual literacy training for young people, digital installations, video, documentary, participative works, transmedia storytelling, graphic design... This open and artistic space seeks to showcase, experiment, cross-pollinate, share, discover, educate, train, and entertain, while also accompanying the general public in their discovery of photography, supporting the professionalisation of artists, and developing new initiatives around photography.

The programme is centred on contemporary photographic works and images, and it takes into account recent changes and innovations as well as the links between photography and other artistic practices. This centre’s scope of activity is underpinned by ambitions for the photographic image that are both original and innovative ; original because they focus as much on artistic forms as on social practices ; innovative because they are based on a principle of active co-construction and attempt to foster networks and partnerships.

L’Image Traversée is the title of the new artistic and cultural project that will gradually be implemented at the CPM in 2021.

The CPM is a founding member of the Réseau Diagonal, which was created in 2009 by the director of the CPM, and is the only network in France bringing together production and distribution structures dedicated to photography.